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Sylwia Walus

A Master Lash Artist and industry trailblazer, began her lash journey almost two decades ago in Poland. In 2016, recognizing a gap in the local market's techniques and products, she relocated to Los Angeles to establish her lashing business. Collaborating with her best friend, Kate, a marketing genius, they opened Lashbox LA together, with the mission to introduce bigger, fluffier lashes faster to the fashion-oriented city. Sylwia pioneered, created, and perfected the signature Mega Volume Technique, named the "Flower Bouquet Technique," enabling artists to create fans in 4-6 seconds, significantly reducing the time required to create a full set. This innovative concept and inspiration came from her love of floral arrangements, mirroring the stunning bouquet effect achieved as flowers open up in a vase with gravity. She meticulously designed a system of products to make this technique possible. Sylwia has revolutionized the lashing landscape for artists and clients globally. The most gratifying moment for Sylwia is witnessing a client's broadened smile upon seeing a perfectly applied set of beautiful lashes for the first time. Her dedication extends to creating products that simplify the lives of lash artists everywhere!

Nikki Jacobson

The Director of Education, Has 18 years of experience in the Beauty and Lash industry. Recognized as a prominent educator, she is known for her leadership in the Lash community. Nikki is deeply passionate about nurturing connections and delivering top-notch education through her hands-on approach, technical expertise, and meticulous attention to detail. She takes pleasure in innovating new techniques, products, and concepts to share with the Lash industry. Outside of work, Nikki is a devoted mother of two, with her world revolving around her children. Nikki is also a proud owner of The Lash Platform salon in Utah. She cherishes her clients and local community, fostering a positive environment for her team to thrive. Nikki finds joy in being a leader, working alongside like-minded individuals to achieve common goals.

Lydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick was born, raised and still resides in New York. Global Communication Director with Lashbox LA. Lydia began her beauty career as a hair and makeup artist, with a background in television as a talk show host, using her incredible gifts of communication skills. After launching her beauty career, Lydia found her niche and fell in love with the beauty of lashing. It soon became her obsession to master Mega Volume Lashing, and once she did she knew her life would never be the same. She quickly returned to LBLA's founders and offered to help them change lives around the world with this revolutionary technique, and that's exactly what they did. Her goal is to help other artists all around the world achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment she has had due to the opportunity Lashbox LA has given her.

Joanne Kim

Joanne, more commonly known as Jo, is a dedicated lash artist and educator who loves the technicality of all things lashes. She views lashing as a form of art and loves to educate fellow lash artists about the transformative effect it has on their clients. She strongly believes that offering a luxury service is not only about quality products, sets, and the working environment but the aura you radiate in and out of the lash room. Jo’s love for teaching started at age 17 with tutoring and coaching. Being a part of Lashbox LA has taught Jo the importance of having a peaceful, rhythmic flow in her work and personal life, and is passionate about helping others achieve the same. Jo is a huge advocate of personal development and gratitude and firmly believes that a positive and driven mindset will lead you to infinite doors of opportunities. Being a part of Lashbox LA has taught Jo the importance of spreading knowledge, humor, love, and confidence towards others. She continues to share her knowledge with students and hopes to make every training fun, and extremely informative!


Jenna Young

Started doing lashes in 2019 at 19 in Indiana. Dealing with depression, she found comfort in lashes, realizing how they could make people feel beautiful. This not only helped others but significantly lifted her own spirits.Completely self-taught in the intricate art of lashes, Jenna's passion deepened as she fell in love with the complexity and creativity the craft offered. Her commitment to continuous growth led her to invest in her first training with Lashbox LA, an experience that left her feeling empowered and inspired. Determined to share this transformative feeling with aspiring lash artists, Jenna transitioned from a small town in Indiana to becoming a trainer with the very company that had helped her flourish. Now, she aspires to empower others and contribute to their career success just as she experienced herself.

Lexii John

Was born and raised on the East Coast. Her journey into the beauty industry began as a personal exploration, but it soon transformed into a profound passion that fueled her every day. Lashes, for Lexii, are more than just enhancing beauty; they are a medium to touch hearts and souls. She believes that the act of creating beauty is a form of therapy, touching individuals on levels they might not have even realized needed healing.What sets her apart as a trainer is her deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of creativity. Her goal isn't just to teach techniques; it is to inspire every artist she encounters to leave not only feeling more skilled but also revitalized as individuals. She sees her role not just as an instructor but as a guide, encouraging her students to tap into their inner creativity and infuse it into their artistry. The decision to become a Lashbox trainer is more than a professional choice for Lexii. It is a reflection of the strong bonds she shares with the team she works with. Beyond the professional realm, they are a family—a community of like-minded women who have each weathered life's storms and emerged stronger. This sense of camaraderie, coupled with her passion for teaching and nurturing talent, led her to join the esteemed league of Lashbox trainers. Her journey is a testament to the fact that being part of a supportive community, sharing life experiences, and empowering one another could elevate everyone involved.

Ashley Lauterbach

A dedicated lash artist, mama to 3 kiddos from Southern California, who has been immersed in the beauty industry for 13 years. Her focus shifted from skin care to lash extensions exclusively in 2018. After completing her training with LBLA in 2020, Ashley was inspired by the love and support she received during her training and knew she wanted to pay it forward to future aspiring lash artists. During her time as a lash artist she has grown to love all aspects of precision lashing, creating perfect top line mega volume sets, and to be able to play with colors and create a fun full colored set is like a dream come true for her. Her goal as a trainer is to help students create exceptional lashes with ease so that they can experience joy and longevity in their careers like she has.