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Sylwia Walus

Sylwia [sil-vee-uh] Walus is a Master Lash Artist and industry pioneer, beginning her career nearly 20 years ago. After stints in Eastern Europe she moved to Los Angeles to build a lashing business, and realized her local market’s techniques and products were years behind. Los Angeles is a beautiful, fashion-oriented city, but was without the lash style to match so she joined forces with her best friend and lash industry veteran to create LashBox LA. She went on to develop and perfect our signature flower bouquet technique, which forever altered the lashing landscape for artists and clients worldwide. A client’s broadening smile as she looks in the mirror for the first time after a set of perfectly applied, beautiful lashes is still the most gratifying part of her day.

Teressa Larson

Tress Larson

Tress Larson is our Global Education Director with Lashbox LA, and a veteran in the lash and beauty industry. Having started her beauty career in makeup, esthetics, and eyelash extensions over 15 years ago, she found that her true passion has always been helping women feel beautiful inside and out. Her pursuit to make an impact in the industry and the world of beauty has helped her become a leader and voice in the lash world for advanced education, encouragement, positivity, and love. Tress feels blessed to call herself part of the family, and hopes to meet you at a training one day soon. She knows if the decisions and actions of a single day can make such a difference in her life, it can certainly do the same for you!

Lydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick was born, raised and still resides in New York. She is a proud mom of Jammy, and Global Communication Director with Lashbox LA. Lydia began her beauty career as a hair and makeup artist, with a background in television as a talk show host, using her incredible gifts of communication skills. After launching her beauty career, Lydia found her niche and fell in love with the beauty of lashing. It soon became her obsession to master Mega Volume Lashing, and once she did she knew her life would never be the same. She quickly returned to LBLA's founders and offered to help them change lives around the world with this revolutionary technique, and that's exactly what they did. Her goal is to help other artists all around the world achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment she has had due to the opportunity Lashbox LA has given her.

Joanne Kim

Joanne, more commonly known as Jo, is a dedicated lash artist and educator that loves the technicality of all things lashes. She views lashing as a form of art and loves to educate fellow lash artists the transformative effect it gives to their clients. The responses from clients are so special, yet indescribable, which motivates her to only offer the best for her clients. She believes that everyone is capable of doing the impossible and encourages others to open up to a new perspective for growth. Jo’s love for teaching started from tutoring and coaching. She is and always will be grateful for the opportunity Lashbox has given her and counts her blessings every day. Being a part of Lashbox LA has taught Jo the importance of spreading knowledge, humor, love, and confidence towards others. She continues to share her knowledge with students and hopes to make every training fun, and extremely informative!