Sylwia Walus

Sylwia Walus is a Master Lash Artist and industry pioneer, beginning her career nearly 20 years ago. After stints in Eastern Europe and Russia, she moved to Los Angeles to build a lashing business (and get a little sunshine) when she realized her local market’s techniques and products were years behind. She began to realize that Los Angeles is a beautiful, fashion-oriented city without the lash style to match so she joined forces with her good friend and lash industry veteran to create Lash Box LA. Shortly after co-founding LBLA, Sylwia developed and perfected the Mega Volume flower bouquet technique, which altered the lashing landscape for artists and clients worldwide.

In her role as LBLA VP, Sylwia is responsible for lash product quality, development, and training. She spearheaded the company’s launch of 0.03mm lashes, the first in the U.S. market and the company’s flagship product. The industry has begun to take notice of her passion and expertise, which are manifested in LBLA’s product lines. While her role as Vice president of LBLA keeps her busy, she has made it a priority to carve out a little time to continue her lash practice which is increasingly focused on celebrities and VIP clients.

No matter the growth or size of LBLA, Sylwia plans to continue lashing, which is the aspect of the industry she fell in love with some 20 years ago. A client’s broadening smile as she looks in the mirror for the first time at a set of perfectly applied, beautiful lashes is still the most gratifying part of her day. Additionally, as the company’s on-the-ground lash expert, it keeps her in touch with the industry’s constantly evolving trends and allows her to relate to her students in ways most instructors can’t. If she could provide one piece of advice to new lash artists, it would be that a lashing career is a journey that is best traveled with a positive attitude and with special attention to each clients’ needs. It is with this in mind that Sylwia has built her career and looks forward to every new challenge.

Teressa LarsonTeressa Larson

Tress Larson is our Global Education Director with Lashbox LA, and a veteran in the lash and beauty industry. Having started her beauty career in makeup, esthetics, and eyelash extensions over 15 years ago, she found that her true passion has always been helping women feel beautiful inside and out.  Her pursuit to make an impact in the industry and the world of beauty has helped her become a leader and voice in the lash world for advanced education, encouragement, positivity, and love.

Several years ago Tress found herself working in a coffee shop part time while also doing lashes and makeup part time. Doubting that she could support her family with a career in the lash industry, she didn’t pursue it full time.  It was only after experiencing something that could have been a crushing blow to her family and their finances, that she knew she had a choice - decide to give up, or, make a way where there seemed to be no way. She got serious about lashing again, and found a goal-setting partner and friend who helped push her to reach for her big goals and dreams by breaking them down into realistic, workable portions, to achieve them. She learned how to practice positive self-talk, changed the people she chose to surround herself with, and the belief in herself and her business came roaring back. Since then, she has continued to develop a strong passion to lift and encourage other women, whatever stage they are in life. After seeing and experiencing first hand that there was such a strong need for education in the lash industry, these two loves met and have helped her find her way to Lashbox LA today.The very first training she had with Lashbox LA solidified her lash career, and changed her lash life forever!  She had not only learned how to provide amazing, full, fluffy lashes in less time than ever, but found the quality of products she had always been searching for, along with a core group of women entrepreneurs to inspire her and continue to push her to new heights. LBLA Anti-Allergy Gel was one of the keys that helped curb a rapidly accelerating sensitivity to the products she had been using for so long, and in no small way, saved her career. For her, the only thing that topped the quality of the techniques and products used, was the heart behind the company. Spending time with Sylwia and Lydia showed her how Lashbox LA was really created by lash artists, for lash artists. Their integrity and love for their students was beyond anything she had seen before, and she knew she wanted to work toward becoming one of the team. When she was offered the opportunity to be a trainer with Lashbox LA, she knew it was absolutely the best move to make for herself and her family. Tress feels blessed to call herself part of the family, and hopes to meet you at a training one day soon.  She knows if the decisions and actions of a single day can make that much of a difference in her life, it can certainly do the same for you!

Lydia DominickLydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick was born, raised and still resides in New York. She is a proud mom and loves spending time with her family and her dog, Jammy. Lydia began her beauty career as a hair and makeup artist, with a background in television as a talk show host, using her incredible gifts of  communication skills. After launching her beauty career, Lydia  found her niche and fell in love with the beauty of lashing. Having applied only classic lashes for a full year before learning Volume, she saw there had to be a better way, and found it in Lashbox LA.  It soon became her obsession to master Mega Volume Lashing, and once she did she knew her life would never be the same. She quickly returned to LBLA's founders and offered to help them change lives around the world with this revolutionary technique, and that's exactly what they did.

Lydia's huge heart and gift for loving others well while sharing knowledge with the world has lead her into humanitarian efforts around the globe.  Her foundation, Buffalo Gives, is a living testament to her desire to see beauty everywhere in the world, whether it's teaching students how to master lashes, or providing vital aid in war-torn countries.  Dedicated to both of these roles, Lydia has become LBLA's Global Communication Director. Her goal is to help other artists all around the world achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment she has had due to the opportunity Lashbox LA has given her. She loves watching this industry grow into a beautiful, highly educated community where artists build up other artists and help each other become better. She believes that there is great value in this industry and seeing people’s inner, and outer, beauty shine through.

Lydia has always said, "Lashes are the future of the beauty industry." So many women neglect themselves in return for caring for their families, their careers, and everyone else in their path, but having gorgeous lashes is one thing that makes them feel beautiful - and women are unstoppable when they feel beautiful! She feels such an honor to be able to give that gift to our clients every day. She believes that lash artists are influencers and that they can make someone’s day brighter or their week easier. What matters most is helping others and making them feel beautiful, and that what it’s all about!

Vania Corona

Vania Corona joined Lash Box LA in 2019 as our Lead Spanish trainer. Born in Mexico but raised in the Pacific Northwest she has had the best of both worlds. When you meet Vania, she is the essences of a Latina woman and is deeply proud of her roots. As a trainer she cherishes her opportunity to have a platform where she can teach and empower lash artists from all walks of life to continue their growth within the beauty industry.

Vania’s career took off when she opened a laser hair removal Med Spa alongside her mother in 2008. Shortly after she decided to get her very first set of lash extensions. It was right then and there that she fell in love with every aspect of it. From the lash naps to the long beautiful lashes but most of all, it was the idea of making a client feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are in the inside. It was then that she decided to pursue lashing by going through extensive training. For Vania, it became almost therapeutic in the sense of slowing down in a life of chaos and concentrating on the art of lashing.

After mastering the art she knew that there was something more that she wanted to do and with Lash Box LA’s support and being bilingual it gave her the opportunity to break barriers and offer high-quality training to all students including Spanish speakers. Vania mentions that as a minority in this country sometimes you feel like you don’t have the finest quality in training when you reach your peak and she is here to change that perception. Her passion goes beyond just offering bilingual training but to provide her expertise and knowledge both personally and professionally to each student that joins the training so they are able to continue to elevate the lash industry.

“Being Latina today in the United States goes beyond appearance. It is being bilingual and bicultural, as well as having firm feet in this nation while remaining true to our roots. Education is the key to success in any profession and I feel fortunate to have this platform to teach and support other artists to achieve their dreams and independence. Knowing their stories, following their growth and witnessing how they change their lives through this profession fills me with pride and joy.”

Joanne Kim

Joanne Kim, also known as Jo, is a dedicated lash artist and educator that loves the technicality of all things lashes. She views lashing as a form of art and loves to educate fellow lash artists the transformative effect it gives to their clients. The responses from clients are so special, yet indescribable, which motivates her to only offer the best for her clients. She believes that everyone is capable of doing the impossible and encourages others to open up to a new perspective for growth. Jo’s love for teaching started from tutoring and coaching. She taught preschoolers at an after school program, which taught her the importance of patience as well as teaching in a more approachable and fun way! She coached a group of Junior Varsity cheerleaders, who initially had zero experience in Cheer, but miraculously guided their way to qualified Regional Competitions in a matter of a few months!

Jo decided to start lashing to support herself throughout school, but quickly realized that it was so much more than a “part-time” job. She fell in love with the transformative effect lashes produced and felt an instant connection and credibility from her clients! As she dedicated the majority of her time studying, she also prioritized lashing because she wanted to become a credible and creative lash artist more than anything. Her background in Chemistry not only taught her the importance of technicality behind any skill set but also discovered a way to introduce an easier perspective to learning!

“It’s not impossible; it’s the hard work, passion, and accountability that will take you far. You can do anything, trust me.”

She didn’t realize how much lashes would change her life until she met Lashbox LA. Jo came across Lashbox LA in 2017 and started using their products instantly. She couldn’t believe how luxurious the products looked, but also how functional they were at an affordable price! It was unlike any other company and she knew she wanted to be a part of the company. She is and always will be grateful for the opportunity Lashbox has given her and counts her blessings every day. Being a part of LBLA has taught Jo the importance of spreading knowledge, humor, love, and confidence towards others! She continues to share her knowledge with students and hopes to make every training fun, yet extremely informative!