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About LBLA

Lashbox LA is committed to providing you with the cutting edge techniques we are known for, while helping you find more love, and more freedom in both your career and your life. Our students are our success story, and we are honored to bring life-changing coaching to the whole you, not just the lash artist in you. While tweezers, technique, and advanced skill sets are vital to thrive in this industry, we also know balance is key. Teaching lash artists around the world how to make more money in less time, provide density without damage, and avoid burn-out is as near and dear to our hearts as helping you understand that you were born to stand out and make an impact.

About the Owners

As best friends that live and love the lash life, we founded Lashbox LA on a passion for lash artists. Our mission? Making lash artist’s lives easier, more beautiful, and more profitable. We started with the smallest beginnings - creating the famous Flower Bouquet Technique, the perfect ultra-fine lashes to work with, and our very first classes in downtown LA. In 8 years we’ve grown to incredible heights with global distribution partners, worldwide events, and a blossoming lash family around us. Each step has been a labor of love, because we understand you as an artist. From the onset of Lashbox LA, for us, it has always been about making your life easier with the products, tools, and techniques that we use every single day.

Our commitment to you is to continue creating the most reliable and enjoyable professional products on the market, so you can focus on what matters most: living your beautiful life, serving your clients well, and building the future of your dreams. We can't wait to usher in new beginnings with you.

Thank you for being here with us, we love you so much.


Kate & Sylwia