Who we are

Our favorite part about LBLA is that it’s changing the way lash professionals live and work in the beauty industry. Not only is LBLA founded on love and passion for the industry, but we created THE technique to work with 0.03 mega volume lashes which revolutionized the industry. We continue to bring change to the industry by focusing on trainings that include the incredible Flower Bouquet technique and skill set, side by side with business and life balance coaching to get to continue that revolution.

We used to hear how cut-throat or how hard it can be to work in beauty; and although we all have our bad days- we’re focusing on a different kind of drive; one from within.

So many of us became lash artists because we love having the ability to make other people FEEL beautiful. The heart behind choosing a career like this is to give hope, it’s giving love, and it puts others first. These are attributes we love to find in people we train with, and it’s an appropriate way to describe the drive of our leaders and every single trainer we have.

Since these are the type of people we’re drawn to as a company, we’ve been able to create a team that operates from a culture of love and pours into our community. We believe that this is the reason we have so quickly grown to have distributors in 15 countries, supplying over 55,000 lash artists in the US alone. We have such demand for education that we are privileged to host trainings in a new city every week throughout the year! Bringing heart to a technical industry has become our mission and it’s growing so fast that we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude and the need to continually restock empty shelves. We’re so excited to walk into 2020 with all of this knowledge, inspiration, and hope.

Before LBLA developed the Flower Bouquet technique, 0.03 weren’t easily accessible or possible to work with proficiently. We were able to create a technique that is able to create consistently beautiful mega volume fans in less time, that are actually healthier for the natural lashes, to change the way lash artists are able to provide for their clients. By delivering the highest quality products available on the market, and at a reasonable price, we have seen lives changed all over the world for those who have taken our trainings and use our product line.

Our focus has become changing lives all over the globe - not only in their technical skills as a lash artist, but teaching them how they can provide for themselves and their families in a way they may never have imagined before. We focus on precise technical training alongside encouragement and self-worth to create a brand and a training that is so much more than just about lashes.

How our Education Program is different

At Lashbox LA we believe in open-handed education, and operate our trainings first and foremost with love and humility. We believe in helping students open their minds to this new skill by being open and honest about the days we were students, and how LBLA changed our own lives. Our students can take this knowledge, let it shift their confidence, and go home to change everything about the way they live their lives. They can double their income with the skills they’ve learned and work half the hours. It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t; and every single trainer we’ve hired is living proof.

Our trainings become more than just a place to learn about lashes. We hope with every fiber of our being that we create a safe place for our students to grow, to talk about past pains and to look forward to a different kind of future for them and their families. We’ve seen this growth happen all over the world. We offer ongoing support by following our students Instagram pages. This accomplishes two things 1) that we can watch their work improve & 2) that they can keep in touch with us about whatever struggles or victories they’re experiencing.

Our Global Education Director, Lydia, has heard so many stories of students whose lives were changed through a Lashbox LA training day. One single mother was working from 7am-9am five days a week. We were able to shift her scheduling program, perfect her skill set, and believe in the power she has to make people feel like the best version of themselves. She went on to make double the money, working half the time, and she sent Lydia an email stating that she’d made $3,500 more in the month of December than she ever had before! She gave her kids a Christmas she never thought possible. We’ve seen lash artists who leave with a new hope and a refreshed sense of passion go off to takeover their city, to even change the stigma of certain areas and make them a safe place for people to work and live one again. One student was able to move her entire extended family from a deplorable government housing situation because we taught her this skill and gave her the support to apply it. Generational transformation can happen when we’re reminded of our worth.

We exist to remind people that their gifts are not a coincidence- they are part of WHO we are. We like to remind them that whatever pain they’ve survived does not define them, but their gift in lashing can. Making other people FEEL beautiful can make us better people, better artists, even better moms or husbands, daughters or sons. We are able to continue this feeling in other ways, too, like providing the highest quality lash products at a reasonable price, all wrapped up in packaging that is so beautiful they feel like a gift to open and use. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for people to grow personally and creatively, all under the umbrella of lashing. It’s no small thing to take on revolutionizing an entire industry, but with the success we have seen so far, it’s easy to say we’ll be able to continue changing lives and lash careers all over the world, for a long time to come.