Hands On Mega Volume Training- February 19

Trainers: Tress


$1,290.00 – $1,300.00 per person



About this experience



The Lashbox LA Mega Volume program has taken the industry by storm, revolutionizing the way we see, do, and think about Mega Volume lashes by using the famous Flower Bouquet Technique.  As the creators of this technique and masters of all things Mega Volume, our LBLA master trainers have developed a truly unique method of teaching - breaking down the art of mega volume lashing to a scientific level for faster results and application times.  We provide you with the ideal tools, mindset, and resources to continue to perfect your new skill set and thrive long after the training is over.  Get ready to create lash density without damage, let go of extreme perfectionism, and learn from those most experienced and passionate about their craft.  Welcome to the world of Mega Volume - may your lashes, and hearts, always be full.


Class Program:

ONE day full of learning, theory, Q & A, hands on, personalized technique and menu coaching, Instagram and marketing advice, support from other lash artists & So much more.  Included in the day is: 


  • Basics and Advanced concepts of Mega Volume Lashing, including:

  • Natural Lash Safety

  • Volume Weight Calculation

  • Proper Eye Preparation for Application

  • Mega Volume Lash Wrap

  • Anatomy of a Perfect Fan

  • The Flower Bouquet Technique

  • Working with Mega 0.03mm and Feather 0.02mm lashes 

  • Perfect Bonding Rules

  • Adhesive Safety, Storage, and Allergies

  • Application Tips & Tricks

  • Solutions & Retention

  • Proper After Care

  • Eye Styling for Mega Volume

  • Lash Layering

  • Time Improvement for Fills & Full Sets

  • One on One Price Menu Coaching 

  • Practice on Mannequin 

  • Certification & Celebration

Included With The Class:

  • LBLA Mega Volume Manual of our theory, tips & tricks

  • Mega Volume Starter Kit (4 trays of 0.03 lashes, 2 tweezers, 1 fast bonding adhesive, Foam tape, Glue trays, Mascara wands)

Due to COVID-19 we will not be working on live models. This will help to decrease the amount of people at trainings & help to abide by each state's guidelines.

By purchasing this class you confirm that you have completed a professional course of classic eyelash extensions 1:1, and that you have Licenses required to legally perform lash extension service in your state.

All Students must have significant skills with classic lashing before attending this training. This means an absolute minimum of 1 year experience with classic lashing. With the ability to perfectly place and attach classic lashes to natural lashes. 

All Students must be a licensed professional to attend. A copy of your license will be required after signing up.

*Class fees and deposits are non-refundable, however students may transfer deposit to another date at that location.

Class Time - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

By purchasing this class you confirm all the below terms:

LBLA Beauty Final Training Terms

I understand and agree that I must cancel my registration within 7 days of my payment in order to receive a full refund.

I understand and agree that class fees are non refundable after the period listed above.

I understand and agree that if I am unable to attend the class (including due to travel or health issues) and I am not eligible for a refund, I may reschedule to another date and/or location if notice is given at least 48 hours prior to the class start time.

I understand and agree that a minimum of 1 year of active work experience is required in order to take this class and become certified in Mega Volume. LBLA Beauty has the right to refuse certification at the end of the course if I do not meet the qualifications.

I understand and agree that I am fully certified with classic lash extensions, which is a requirement to take LBLA Beauty’s Mega Volume class (esthetician school certification is not considered as a full certification).

I understand and agree that I will be eligible to retake a class 6 months after my training date if additional training time is needed. An operation fee will be required in order to attend this class. (Fees may vary from location).

I understand and agree that the class and contents of the Starter Kit are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE after attending the class and receiving goods.

I understand and agree that LBLA Beauty has Intellectual Property Rights of the LBLA Training Manual and Training Program. Copying and publishing is not allowed without written consent of LBLA Beauty.

I understand and agree that LBLA Beauty’s Training Manual is for personal use only. Legal actions will be taken against those who copy and/or publish the LBLA Beauty Training Manual.

I understand and agree to refrain from copying, disclosing, selling, or offering for sale any and all of the information provided during the training class. I understand the reproduction of another party’s works could constitute infringement and copying is strictly prohibited.

I understand and agree that products will NOT be available for purchase the day of training.